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Snacks for your Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah

All over the world traditions are shared , and the people of many countries can be considered  as a plural because all the traditions that combine them .

Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs are  a clear example of this, because despite being a celebration of Jewish origin, they had great value in today’s culture. This ceremony in which the young  now  became an adult and  receives the new responsibilities of the holy book , the Torah , It’s  a great celebration for the whole family and  brings a number of details for the event.

Today we want to talk about  snacks.

Chocolate palettes can be a good way to represent their faith. We can make them in the form of which is known as the Star of David , so guests can take home a souvenir and have even more present the traditions of the religion. For presentation we could use a transparent bag and tie a knot with blue ribbon .

Today it’s stylish to use the various themes to celebrate these ceremonies and one of them may be the party style “Rock Star”, which could consider using some cookies shaped like an electric guitar. The first design corresponds to the celebraciónde a male , while pink guitar is much more accurate to celebrate the Bat Mitzvah (for girls ) due to the remarkable difference of colors and styles.

Cookies can also be served as a memento for the occasion, as long as you know how to present them and give them added value that makes it a nice way of a gift. During the party  you can keep these memories as part of the decor; It will be super fun and many of your guests  will not resist to try them out prematurely!