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August 25, 2016
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New and hip ideas for adding color to your wedding dress

Today more than ever colored wedding dresses are being  trend. The white classic dress you have following it’s going lot of winks betting the sweetest pink or blue “good luck” wedding. However, the classic brides who trouble break away from the idea of marrying white, can bring vibrant accents her look that fall in supplements like bouquet and / or makeup, opting for all colors of the rainbow … Just need to know how use them!

Red, Plum and Rogue

‘Eyes and Lips’ red. But not both simultaneously. It is one of the basic rules of makeup, special emphasis on bridal makeup ‘natural’. The lip rouge however puts a sexy and sassy note to any dress. If you want take a step further, you can not only help by combine your dress with ombre red lips and shoes of the same color. Brides with colorful shoes have appeared in several parades and fashion shows this season, especially using the lemon. A more discreet but equally effective “combo” color: matte lips and nails tones, the first in rouge and manicures plum, transparent and super natural makeup. Perfect for brides on a suit in white as vanilla or ivory.


A difficult color when it comes to wear, but if you are the Rock’n’roll type. Why not!. However, it can be great if it’s a brilliant deep black in a manicure or a biker jacket bride  to put before or after the ceremony.

Emerald Green

No supplement exceeds the intense green of emeralds or diamonds color. Green is also starring in snakeskin shoes with gradient colors in. Try on.

Tones pastels

pinks, yellows, creams, are all shades that can be added to look of a bride through flowers such as peonies. The bouquets and white flowers can be supplemented with wreaths in softer shades such as yellow and white roses combined with Peonies, accentuating the dress.

Gold, silver and metallic colors

work especially with embroidered in metallic threads, as well as jewellike details, such as a rhinestone embroidery as a belt or a top of golden jewels with high collar type mao, which overlaps the wedding dress minimalist