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September 23, 2016
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December 6, 2016
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Halloween is approaching and with it the traditional celebration that began to organize family and friends in a cheeky mood. We seek to create that atmosphere of mystery that holds one of the traditional most controversial festivities which however is celebrated in many countries around the world.

Also known as Halloween or All hallows day it’s a modern party result of syncretism caused by the Christianization of the summer holidays end of Celtic origin.

Over the years and especially during the latter part of this decade, have been many changes been introduced to the way how we have fun. Halloween party, awaited by children and struggling parents who want see disguised their children, can not be the exception, andis why this 2016 offers great fun opportunities to celebrate.

It’s a party of fear, [BOO]. Witches, Pumpkins, Crystal balls, Owls and, in general, costumes scary but both are always fun, and some time sexy too.

If it aims to organize a party for adults and children, we want offer some practical advices:

1-Have a buffet before dinner is ideal to serve hors d’oeuvres hot and cold dishes.

2- If the party is after dinner, hors d’oeuvres and a variety of snacks, sweet and savory snacks are very timely  (especially if drinks are in the mix, you know what I mean…)

2- Choose a location that allows a place and areas for children with games and amenities that give space and opportunity of enjoyment to adults also.

3- Decoration should be based on motifs like skulls, scarecrows, ghosts… pumpkins are allusive to the festival.

Around the world, the novelty puts the inclusion of new elements, altering the established parameters that recognize the orange and black as the official colors of the holiday. But what a colorful proposal equally ideal that combine orange and black with colors like green and purple. Extraordinary combination if we innovate in the different components of the party as snacks, dishes, cutlery, dinnerware, furniture and home accessories.

And just as not also for girls, kids can  also have fun in a Halloween party Not also Black & white, usa as many scary colors which includes several good ideas especially for the door, that in  the United States must be perfectly decorated.