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September 23, 2016
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December 6, 2016
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Is it a good idea to choose December as a wedding date?

You do not know yet what date to choose to get married, undecided  if December may be a good time? No doubt, love, happiness and quality time with friends and  family it’s plentiful in  this  special time of the year.

If you are winter’s fans, probably you are  are planning a wonderful winter wedding that incorporates the magic of the season celebration?  Would you be able to marry on December 31st?

If you are giving a good thinking  it may be an event with some pros and cons to marry with the twelve bells ringing:

Starting a year brings hope of a new era full of magic. It is the metaphor of leaving a way of life to begin another. The magic of “brand new start” begins, then, with the wedding and the new year. So your wedding will be doubly special, because it’s your wedding and also being new year’s eve!

Decorating will easy to combine and  acquire because the season is supplied with a load of options with Christmas motifs  that can be combined with  luxury and glamour and  whatever you want to.  How about if the celebration include a kit of sparkles, flares and matches, to light it up New Year’s Eve? Moreover, neither you nor your guests will have to make more  plans, the New Year’s party is already organized!