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December 6, 2016
Mesa está Servida
Dinner is served!
February 10, 2017
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Every year when  December is approaching with its Christmas touch, we are excited to offer one of our most recognized and elaborate traditional  dishes the  “Hallacas”, providing a touch of wonderful taste and flavor to our Christmas table, in their distints presentations: traditional, vegetarian and gourmet  

The tradition dresses up as we cheer it up with a symphony of flavors that come to pamper the most discerning palates.

Our catering service  can adapt and fuse  this masterpiece dish from the traditional venezuelan cuisine, blending traditional ingredients with others more innovative to make Christmas dinner a potpourri of flavors.

As we know the  “hallaca”  is a  corn flour cake  stuffed  with meat stew, or fish and other ingredients, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in water; it is prepared especially at Christmas.

Many people are left without trying this delicious course because they can not digest well its ingredients or because they opted for a vegetarian diet. Therefore, a few years ago, we had incorporated a vegetarian hallaca, which has the same preparation than the traditional. Our executive chef Myriam Cordoba ensures to deliver a quality product because they are made with time, patience and dedication.

It’s our wish that you spend Christmas Eve in company of your  loved ones, enjoying a wonderful speciality that brings life and flavour to the Christmas table.

You can place orders through our website, by e-mail: info@alegriapartydesign.comor contacting us at:  789.326.0635