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February 10, 2017
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February 10, 2017
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Would you marry me? Yes, but how do we celebrate?

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The moment couples share when they say “yes, I want to get married” is unique and unforgettable. Different emotions: joy, surprise, and expectation invade the couple.

Now what? We are tying the knot! The excitement makes imagination run free. They start picturing so many plans and dreams together. Suddenly, stop! How do we tell our parents, relatives and friends? Of course, they are excited and want to tell everyone about it. They are feeling the adrenalin: ideas come into their minds on how to celebrate the news and begin with the first of many special events related to the wedding.

The perfect place to celebrate the engagement dinner will depend on the budget, the privacy the couple wants and, above all, the style of both bride and groom.

Here you have 5 basic tips for a perfect dinner:

  1. Believe it or not, engagement dinners are usually held at the house of the groom or the bride, since it represents familiarity, intimacy and a welcoming environment. You can move the furniture, rent chairs or just organize the dining room to turn it into the center of attention.
  2. In a table for 6 guests, bride and groom must be seated together. The bride will be at the groom’s right because she is the most important person of the event. The seats on the right will always be reserved for other important guests. The bride’s father will be seated at the bride’s right and the groom’s mother at the groom’s left. The mother of the bride will be seated in front of the couple and the father of the groom will be seated next to her, at her right.
  3. The decoration must never be an obstacle to enjoy the dinner and the company. The centerpieces should be small to facilitate communication and interaction. It should not obstruct food distribution, trays or any other objects placed on the table.
  4. If you want to organize a celebration with a buffet and with plates served on the table, don’t forget to place the necessary cutlery. Here in De Deit we like to say that the table has to be served using intuition.
  5. Regarding the bride’s outfit, is better to look simple and elegant than go wrong by choosing over the top looks. Finally, remember this is a family-formal event, so it’s better to choose a cocktail outfit. Don’t use really short dresses, transparencies or a red carpet look.