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February 10, 2017
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February 10, 2017
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OMG! What color do I choose for my wedding?

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Deciding on the style and colors for the decoration of the wedding is not an easy choice. Options are countless and choosing among the things we like is really complicated. Suddenly, it seems we like everything! You probably have millions of doubts invading your head and you are immersed with your partner in the search for the specific style that you wish to be the wedding’s theme.

Choose a central color –whatever you prefer–, no doubt it can give you a sense of direction. Gold, for example, will always be on trend; today more than ever because it sets standards for chic decorations. Found ideas for decoration and style, so your golden wedding can be remembered for life. A very elegant, sophisticated, and exquisite style to display in every corner. Gold is the color of luxury and glamour and it must be present in that special day.

Certainly, the more options we have, the more difficult it is for us to choose a definite one. If you select your central color, it will be easier for you to choose your wedding gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the accessories, the flowers, and the table linen, among other things.

Do not forget your weeding is the reflection of your personality, so you have to include your tastes and preferences. Whether if it’s because it suits us or because of its meaning, we all have a best-loved color. Think which one is yours and use it to transmit your essence, that way you will be able to determine in which elements you can apply it.


What kind of wedding did you choose?

 The venue and timing of the event also determine the colors and combinations you use. As a general rule, for outdoor weddings at day, light and happy tonalities are used; for indoor weddings at night, darker tones are used.  Regardless your choice, white or gold are basics.