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February 10, 2017
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May 5, 2017
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What about the wedding invitations? Little detail!

Invitations are the cover letter of any event. Besides informing about the event or wedding, one of the things you should specify there is the dressing code.

First impressions matter and invitations always set the tone and theme of the wedding. Of course, do not forget the invitation will always live in your loved ones’ albums.

Wedding invitations can be very expensive. Whatever your wedding theme is, you can choose those that best fit your budget. The cost depends not only on the number of guests (although the price per invitation is reduced if the number is higher), but also on certain details like appliques and other decorations, for example: laser cuts, ribbons, number of faces with impression, type of paper, etc. We suggest you to compare the prices of several print shops before taking your final decision. Of course, do not forget to consider the quality. Not only compare the price of the invitations, but also everything the print shop offers.

However, nowadays, more and more people decide to use digital invitations because this implies to lower down costs significantly. Besides, you avoid going all over the city to hand out the invitations and save the time of searching for addresses and coordinating its delivery. Those who disagree with this new digital modality consider that not having a physical invitation can make guests to forget. Nevertheless, there are digital tools you can use to remind your guests the date is approaching. It is important to collect our guests’ phone numbers, emails, and addresses to be prepared for when the time to hand out the invitations comes. What matters is that the invitation reflects the style of the event and the couples’ personality.