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What about the wedding invitations? Little detail!
February 10, 2017
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Today is the big day! How can you get ready for your dream wedding?
May 5, 2017
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Four basic elements for the successful planning of an event

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1. Name your event

Select from the beginning what you are going to offer. It is not the same to send a card made by hand by an artist specialized in recycled materials, than sending a package with your most exclusive products. It is also not the same to lavish your exclusive clients with breakfast at a five star hotel, then doing it at your company’s facilities or another location. The more precise the name of the vent, the better!


2. Know and adapt your budget

It might seem absurd to comment on this topic, but events fail for making a false cost estimate very often. Certain flexibility is required regarding this matter, especially in events that include logistics and services provided by third parties. In this case, it is important to have a strict quality control when hiring. With the name of your event in mind, rise or cut expenses accordingly. Invest efforts in determine the specifications of your event.


3. Plan step by step based on the date of the event

Let’s go back to the example of a card made by hand by an artist specialized in recycled materials. These are key questions to think about before the event: How many weeks does the artist need to make the card? How and when will the artist send us the card? How much time do we need before sending the invitation to our client? How are we going to deliver the card: by mail or in person? Who will deliver it and at what time? The more specific the question, the better!


4. Execution and finalization

 Roma was not built in a week, a successful event either. Plan every production phase involved with every aspect of the event. Determine with great precision when things will start and when they will end by setting dates. That way you could schedule again when there is a time difference.