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May 5, 2017
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May 19, 2017
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Today is the big day! How can you get ready for your dream wedding?

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Your wedding day should be special in every way. However, it happens to be the most stressful day for the bride, as she usually gets anxious about everything that is left to do. Don’t let negative thoughts pop into your mind. Take into account these tips by Alegria Party Design so you can have your dream wedding.


Rest as much as you can. Waking up completely rest is a must for your wedding day. It is true you are under a lot of pressure, but have a cup of tea and go to bed early the night before. Resting is vital in your skin cell renewal and it gives you energy to face with eagerness everything you have to do.


Have a good breakfast. This is one of the things you shall never skip. Breakfast is always important and much more on your wedding day. You can have fruits, a ham and cheese sandwich, scrambled eggs or the classic American breakfast to give you enough energy. Have in mind this will be a long day.


Have a relaxing bath. Take a few minutes to have a nice bath; include some body oils. It will be much better if you massage your body: start with your feet and then work your way up. Then, shower with cold water to awake your senses even more.


Make a list with everything you need. You will obviously not make this list the day of your wedding; you have to make it at least a week before. Write in a small notebook all the activities you plan to do that day in chronological order: add time, place and contact number of the people in charge.  Check your notes again and make adjustments in case of unexpected events.


Show up on time for your hair and makeup appointments.  This is really important: the time marked is sacred, as being late will delay all other activities you have to carry out. If you have to go to the place where these professionals work, consider the time you’ll spend in the traffic. Remember you are the star of the day and you don’t want your hair and makeup to get ruined because they were made in a rush.


Put your dress on! Once your hair and makeup are done, it’s time you put your dress on. It is important to have a friend or a relative there to help you in that moment, so they can check everything is perfect.


Be careful with new shoes. If you bought new shoes, try to use them several times before the big day. There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking in tight shoes. You can have an extra pair of flats if you like; it is admissible to change your shoes after the photo session and during the reception, so you can get the most out of your party.