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Today is the big day! How can you get ready for your dream wedding?
May 5, 2017
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Recipe for a truly sweet honeymoon
June 15, 2017
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Ideas for non-traditional brides

There is no right or wrong on being a non-traditional bride. That’s who you are.  Whatever style you choose to celebrate “the happiest of days”; having the good fortune of sharing with your friends and family on your wedding day is what really matters. Have fun and be happy!


Forget the flowers!

You won’t be the first bride who would like to find a different option from the traditional old-fashioned flower arrangements, and we get you! You spend a large part of your budget –which you could use in something you really love– on arrangements that will end up on the trash. A trendy alternative is using fruits. Place grapefruits and blackberries in a vintage glass jar and voilà! Combine scents and flavors.


Take your wedding pics first!

Would you like to dance, drink and eat right after the ceremony? If you are not superstitious about the groom and bride seeing each other before the ceremony, you can take your wedding pictures before heading to the church. You will make time and will look fresh and relaxed.


Go to the theater!

If you think about it, you are “staging” the beginning of what your life as a married couple will be. If you consider mariachis and costumes at parties to be boring, put all of that behind. We suggest you to rent a theatre room –catering included–. Use the stage to dance, and the dressing rooms to chat and drink. It will be memorable!


Listen to others’ advices, but stay true to yourself

Your wishes and your partner’s –not your guests’ and family’s– are the most important and the ones that need to be fulfilled. Everyone –even Alegria Party Design– is going to propose you different ideas on what and how to celebrate your weeding day. Listen, take notes, think, and then get to work. You are a non-traditional bride after all!