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May 19, 2017
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June 30, 2017
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Recipe for a truly sweet honeymoon

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Stress, anxiety, laughter and tears are part of the emotions people go through during their wedding but, after the party, one of the couple’s most anticipated moments finally begins: the honeymoon! Here are some tips by @AlegriaPartyDesign to make yours the sweetest of honeymoons and avoid any possibility of turning it into a bitter experience.


Hire a company to handle everything. The best thing you can do is to find a company in which you can trust to handle the plane tickets and hotel booking and transfer, because they usually pay attention to every detail. Just choose the place and let the experts do the rest.


Choose a place you both like. If you both like going to the beach, destinations such as Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Brazil or Cuba are excellent options to enjoy the sun and the sea. If on the contrary you are passionate by the mountains, you could choose destinations raging from the Swiss Alps to Catalonia in Spain.


Consider climatic conditions so you can enjoy your trip. It is important setting the date for your honeymoon in a good season. For example, if you marry in December and you want to go to Cuba, learn first if they have cold or warm weather during that time. You do not want to stay inside the hotel instead of sunbathing.


Carry only necessary items in you handbag. We recommend you to keep in your handbag a small case for your passport and plane ticket; a digital camera; personal care products like wet wipes and toothpaste; your mobile phone and its charger.


Do not overload your suitcase. It is not the same to travel for a week than for a month. Pack comfortable clothes depending on your destination, as well as flats, sport shoes and a pair of heels in case you go to a cocktail party. Choose pants and several shirts you could easily match. If you are going to a place with warm weather, always pack a sweater in case it changes.


Arrive early to the airport. You probably know this but, as a reminder, if you are traveling by plane, you have to arrive at least three hours early to the airport. If you are traveling by car, take traffic into account so you can be at your destination on time to enjoy all the activities included in the package tour.


Pack your medications and prescriptions. It might seem silly, but is not. If you have allergies or you suffer from a chronic disease, your medications and prescriptions are vital. Remember you will be in a different country or city and it is better to be prepared.


Enjoy it! There is nothing left to do in your honeymoon but to enjoy it. Relax as much as you can and as writer Elizabeth Gilbert points it out in her book: eat, pray and love. A honeymoon is worth to celebrate and be thankful for love.