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Keys for a successful corporate event

Evento corporativo

A corporate event is an excellent opportunity to motivate, promote loyalty and acknowledge both our clients and our employees, thus the importance of taking care of every detail. However, we often do not know what aspects we have to consider, so leave your doubts behind and take note for dazzling your guests.


  1. The briefing. Write a briefing with your team’s help or hire experts in event decoration, organization and planning.
  2. Date, time and duration. Choosing the date, time, place and duration is very important. If the place is not easy to find, put a map and contact numbers on the invitation.
  3. Guest list. Make the list and check it later. We suggest you to send the invitation 20 days before the event takes place, time enough to RSVP.
  4. Decoration and style. Determine if the decoration will be formal or informal; each one has its own characteristics.
  5. Use corporate colors. It is important to use corporate colors when decorating the venue. Remember the event is also useful to promote the brand values.
  6. Sound, lighting and furniture. High quality systems for sound reproduction, lightning, furniture, screens and microphones are valuable tools. If you do not have them, hire a specialized company to have a successful event.
  7. Quality catering. Even when it is true we have to adhere to the budget, food served has to be of good quality and the best way to do it is hiring a caterer with qualified
  8. Drinks for everyone. Regarding drinks, we suggest you to select a menu for all tastes. Of course, it will vary if the event is in the morning, the afternoon or at night.
  9. Souvenirs for the guests. You can give personalized bags, candies, notepads and pens at the end of the event. Local handicraft is an excellent and less expensive choice. Find an organization of artisans in your locality and establish a strategic partnership, that way you will help sales to increase and you will consolidate the brand values.
  10. Capture the moment for your social media. If you have a digital camera and a good photographer, record the entire event and post it on your social networks. Thus, you will attract a bigger audience that could turn into potential clients for the brand.