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June 30, 2017
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July 31, 2017
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10 great ideas for a joyful birthday

The birthday is an event for the celebration and a perfect excuse to gather friends and enjoy, for another year of life. @AlegriaPartyDesign has a long history in the organization of this type of events and for this reason we decided to share these ideas for you to have a fabulous birthday!

1 Decorate with balloons

Depending on the party subject you chose and your available space, use balloons in different colors, with drawings or printed letters. If you thinking of a special outfit, use the color of the dress or suit as a decoration too!

2 Adorn with flowers

If you wish to give a romantic and sophisticated touch to your celebration, flowers are the best option because of the variety of shapes and colors.

3 Special invitations 

Unusual invitations are a trend that is gaining more and more ground. We advise you to give vip passes to everyone. You can even put on the card that, for example, that the top 10 who confirm their attendance, will win a surprise prize to be delivered on the day of the party!

4 Extraordinary centerpieces 

The key here is your imagination and the theme you chose for the party. It can go from classic to the most avant-gardist. This exclusive @AlegriaPartyDesign photos will inspire you.

5 Catering y beverages 

This can’t be missing! Whether it is a simple buffet or for a one for hundreds of people, the food, appetizers, sweets, cake and drinks, represent one of the most delicious moments. Think about where you can place a Candy Bar or a Shot Bar. Be original!

6 Decorate with palets

Pallets had turned into a trend on decoration because they are not expensive. You can even use them at your Shot or Candy bar!

7 Give presents 

Personalize mugs, aromatic diffusers and bottles to give a touch of freshness to the event. You can also choose to give ecological bags with sweets or snacks, chocolates or cookies.

8 Play and reward your guests 

Games are fun for kids and adults. Bet on these and reward the winners with gifts.

9 Don’t forget photos!

Take all the photos you want with a camera or with your cell phone, and then post them on social networks. Print funny phrases and have guests take pictures with them.

10  Send a thank-you note 

This is the emotional tip of this report. Write a thank-you note that you can customize by sending it by mail to each guest or posting it in your #RRSS accompanied by a group photo with the word Thank you! This is a detail that says a lot about your personality.